Getting on your sports fisherman or cabin cruiser for a weekend of sun and fun? It's all possible here. Summerland is a mecca for large boat owners and private pilots. It’s one of the few places in the whole country where you can have it both ways.

The island boasts unusually wide flow-through canals and a private airstrip for local residents making it a perfect spot to park a Beechcraft and a 50 foot + boat. The majority of homes on Summerland are located on the Atlantic side of the Overseas Highway.

Although there is some price variation, homes here are generally very expensive; those on what’s called “open water” or the airstrip more so.

Summerland has a small downtown along US#1, with a good boutique grocery store, a couple of restaurants, real Estate offices, a bank, a wholesale fish shop, some healthcare offices, an office building, and some retail.